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About us

Our services, which include applying for Medicaid, Extra Help, and Patient Assistance Programs for expensive medications, are free, and we are compensated directly by carriers. As part of our work, we also provide freelance social work and advocate for our clients with carriers, providers, and pharmacies, among others.

Tanya Garza

With over 15 years of experience in sales and financial services, I have worked as a Mortgage Counselor and Funding Specialist in Big Rig Lending. Additionally, I have a deep understanding of the healthcare industry from my experience as a caregiver for my husband for over eight years. I discovered my passion for helping others through a chance encounter with Tara at Jfest, where her sign about Medicare caught my attention. This led me to pursue a career in this field, which not only allows me to support my family but also enables me to assist others.

When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling, particularly planning my husband’s travel dialysis for our trips, ranging from local destinations to Gatlinburg, Destin, and California. As a devoted dog mom, I am crazy about my Boston Terrier, Ricky Bobby, and Border Collie mix, Chester. While I appreciate houseplants, I am honest about my inability to keep most of them alive. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and speak fluent Spanish. I moved to the Chattanooga area in 2011 and am actively involved in various organizations, including the Latina Professionals of Chattanooga, Catoosa County Chamber of Commerce, NAACP, Mayor’s Council for Women Committee, and LMJC Elder Abuse Task Force.

Overall, I am passionate about serving my community and providing the best possible support to my clients.

Tara Simpson

With a career spanning 24 years, I have dedicated my professional life to serving as a Social Worker in the healthcare industry. My expertise in Medicare and insurance has allowed me to work closely with my patients, always striving to meet their needs. In 2018, I took my skills to the next level and became a health agent, utilizing my experience as a Social Worker to serve clients even more effectively. After leaving the healthcare industry in 2022, I now work full-time as a specialist in Medicare, licensed to serve clients in TN, AL, NC, GA, FL, NV, and MO. I offer comprehensive insurance services, including Health, Life, Dental/Vision, Affordable Care Act, Cancer/Critical Illness policies, and Hospital Indemnity.

In addition to my professional work, I am also an active member of the healthcare community. I serve as a member of the Patient Services Committee for Chattanooga Kidney Foundation and as the Treasurer for the Tennessee Society of HealthCare Social Workers. When I’m not working or volunteering, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my husband and daughter, hitting the hiking trails or cheering my daughter on as she plays basketball and volleyball for her school.